Indigenous Huichol people in Nayarit.

Tensions rise between Huichol, ranchers

Tensions are rising in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains of Huajimic, Nayarit, where indigenous Huichol people are locked in a bitter dispute with cattle ranchers over who owns 10,000 hectares FULL STORY

Damage at a Puebla church.

Puebla museum in danger of collapse

The Regional Museum of Puebla, also known also as Museo Casa del Alfeñique and believed to be the state’s oldest, is in danger of collapse. The 18th-century structure was the FULL STORY

Rescue workers at the Tlalpan apartment building.

Search intensifies at apartment building

Two days after the earthquake collapsed a 10-unit apartment building in Tlalpan, Mexico City, rescue workers believed this morning they were close to finding three people trapped in the debris. FULL STORY

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: million-dollar donation.

Google, Facebook, AT&T give $1 million

Individuals and businesses, both Mexican and international, have come forward with pledges of millions of dollars in donations to aid victims of Tuesday’s massive earthquake. Leading the way were technology FULL STORY

Harvesting corn in Baja California.

BC farmers condemn water sale to US

Dozens of farmers from the state of Baja California set up camp yesterday in the car park of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) in the capital of Mexicali FULL STORY

Debris from a fallen building in Mexico City.

Rescue efforts reveal a city of volunteers

The solidarity of Mexico City residents with the victims of yesterday’s powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake is shining through as thousands of people have come forward to contribute to rescue efforts, turning FULL STORY

The school where victims remained trapped this morning.

37 confirmed killed in collapse of school

Thirty-seven people, including 32 children, have been confirmed dead after the collapse of a school in the southern Mexico City borough of Coyoacán during yesterday’s 7.1-magnitude earthquake. More victims remained FULL STORY

The building in Colonia del Valle in which people were still missing this morning.

Many feared trapped in Colonia del Valle

“My husband Leopoldo and my son Gerson!” a woman screamed, seemingly on the verge of fainting. “They’re on the third floor, help me, please!” she implored rescue workers. “My family FULL STORY

Avocados can be purchased online in China.

Mexican avocados with a mouse click

Chinese consumers can now purchase fresh Mexican avocados online thanks to a partnership between e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and ProMéxico, a federal agency that promotes international trade and investment. The FULL STORY

The scene last night at a building that collapsed in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

Looking for survivors in Roma, Condesa

Rescue workers in Mexico City labored through the night at two buildings in the borough of Cuauhtémoc that were toppled by yesterday’s earthquake. Ten people were believed to be inside FULL STORY