Police and military personnel at the scene of Tuesday's shooting in Ixtapa.

Cops unarmed when killed by gunmen

Gangsters who attacked and killed three police officers in Zihuatanejo Tuesday had a distinct advantage over their foes: they had guns and the cops didn’t. The three municipal police officers FULL STORY

Ex-mayor Colín: arrested yesterday.

Ex-mayor accused of embezzling 80mn

The former mayor of Temixco, Morelos, whose successor was assassinated in January last year, has been arrested for embezzling 80 million pesos (US $4.2 million at today’s exchange rate). Miguel FULL STORY

A Coppel truck burns yesterday in Guerrero.

Tear gas used against Ayotzinapa protest

After a demonstration by parents of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa turned violent yesterday, federal forces used tear gas to control demonstrators. But that in turn generated a retaliation FULL STORY