driver using cell phone

New penalties fine but enforcement needed

The Chamber of Deputies has approved stiff penalties for using mobile phones while driving but as a non-governmental organization has pointed out, regulations are worthless if not enforced. Accidents caused by careless FULL STORY

The chocolate bar developed by Mexican students.

Chocolate billed as remedy for insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Suffering from anxiety or depression? Four biochemical engineering students have developed a chocolate bar for that. Vadingo is a low-fat, sugar-free chocolate bar that contains 500 milligrams FULL STORY

Tillerson and Kelly: not welcome, say PRD Senators.

‘You’re not welcome,’ US officials told

The visit to Mexico by two senior representatives of the United States government triggered a “you’re-not-welcome” message from left-wing politicians and a demonstration outside the U.S. embassy by U.S. citizens living FULL STORY