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Jalapeños poppers recipe

Get your jalapeños popping with this cheese stuffed recipe

What happens when jalapeños spice meets melted cheese and smoked bacon? Try this recipe and find out.
0% tequila

What made a motorsport legend invest in 0% alcohol tequila?

A new breed of alcohol-free spirits, boosted by celebrity endorsements, is promoting responsible enjoyment of Mexico's more delicious drink.

Brews without borders: How Beermex links Canada and Mexico through beer

Mexico News Daily talks to beer entrepreneur Eduardo Cárdenas, whose business shows North American economic integration in action.
A Mexican coffee bean farmer

The best coffee in Mexico: Where it’s grown and how to buy it

Mexican coffee is deservedly recognised as some of the best in world - here's where to find the best local beans
Mexican agricole rum.

More than mezcal: How Oaxaca is producing world class rum

Deep in the valleys of Oaxaca, master craftsmen work to create a unique variation of the spirit in keeping with centuries of tradition.
Mexican seafood at Mi Compa Chava

Mexico’s top 9 seafood dishes you absolutely must try

Mexico's seafood is a crowning jewel of an already amazing national cuisine - from tacos to cocktails, here's what not to miss.

Who should we thank for the invention of guacamole?

There's more to this traditional Mexica snack than you might have first thought - how much do you know about this food of the gods?
Queso fundido

Molten cheese, please: Why Mexican ‘fondue’ is far superior

Few things go together better than Mexican food and cheese, so what happens when you mix them together?

Where to find the best tacos in Puerto Vallarta

An incredible Mexican location deserves incredible Mexican food - so here is where to locate the best of Puerto Vallarta's taco scene.
Pastel de tres leches with chocolate

Chocolate Tres Leches: Your new favorite dessert

The only thing better than a traditional tres leches cake is this delicious reinterpretation of the king of Mexican desserts.
Wine grapes on a vine in Mexico

Is the Guanajuato wine region Mexico’s next viticulture powerhouse?

Guanajuato is emerging as Mexico's next big wine region, with sunny skies, miles of vineyards and Grand Gold Medal-winning wines.

How to experience the best of Oaxaca’s street food scene

Everyone wants to know where the best street food in Oaxaca can be found - so we asked an expert to tell us.

Reinvent Mexico’s classic breakfast with these delicious chilaquiles recipes

The capital might be mad for them in their current form, but there's always a way to discover a fresh take on your morning meal.
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles wine taster seated in a large hall in Leon, Mexico, samples a white wine from a wine glass.

9 Mexican wines win Grand Gold Medals at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Mexican wines shone at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2024 wine competition in Guanajuato, Mexico, taking home 152 medals.
Tesla Mezcal bottle

Want a bottle of Tesla Mezcal? You might have to try Ebay

Tesla Mezcal, made in Jalisco, launched just last week but is proving tough to find. It's already sold out on Tesla's website.
Borrachitos sweets

Have you tried Mexico’s delicious ‘drunken’ candies?

From the same kitchen that created chile en nogada and mole poblano, these treats perfectly combine the sweetness and fire of Mexican flavors.