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Tacos de canasta: The king of Mexican street food

The humble taco de canasta has been feeding the population for over a century, thanks to some ingenious cooking techniques.
Flan napolitana

The creamy, caramelized bliss of Mexico’s ‘Neapolitan’ flan

A popular dessert with a long and storied history, the Neapolitan flan has become a staple of Mexican puddings.

From Chiapas to the world: How Poxna is reviving tradition

The traditional corn spirit with humble roots is undergoing a rebirth as Poxna aims to restore the prestige of this once ubiquitous alcohol.
Taco al pastor and doner kebab

Mexico and Germany, a culinary match made in heaven

There's more to the comparison than just döner kebab and tacos al pastor. From beer to cheese, dive into the world of German-Mexican cuisine!

Why North America’s 50 Best Bars loves San Miguel de Allende

50 Best's Emma Sleight talks about choosing Mexico's best bars and why San Miguel de Allende is the perfect fit for cocktail lovers.

Michelada or chelada, what’s the difference?

With the weather heating up again, it's time for a beer. One question though: Would you like that chelada or michelada?

I Go, Jugo: Everything you need to know about juicing and smoothies in Mexico City

From cold-pressed juice, to cleanses and protein shakes, here’s your guide to finding the superfood drinks your body has been craving.

To cheese or not to cheese: What’s in a quesadilla?

A quesadilla definitely contains cheese, right? Find out why this simple question has divided Mexico.
pescado a la veracruzana

The best of both worlds: How to prepare delicious pescado a la veracruzana

An early fusion of Spanish and Mexican cuisine, find out what makes this versatile fish and tomato dish so delicious.

Puerto Vallarta restaurants you don’t want to miss

Want the try the best meal in Puerto Vallarta? Dig into our guide on the best restaurants in town.

Salsa Valentina, a hot sauce as fierce as its namesake

From the carreta to your kitchen, the iconic Mexican Salsa Valentina adds a kick to whatever you pour it over.

Guadalajara’s tequila train – tourist trap or tasty treasure?

About to book the Tequila train and still not sure if it’s worth it? Read about one writer’s experience on Cuervo’s crazy locomotive.

Baja California’s secret ingredient for the perfect margarita

A mysterious Mexican spirit, claimed by Indigenous groups to be an aphrodisiac, turns a perfect margarita into something even more incredible.

The name’s Ginebra, Ginebra Mexicana: Mexican flavors from martini to G&T

Previously the reserve of aristocrats and British secret agents, Mexico’s ginebra has developed into something special and unique.

How to cook picanha steak like a steakhouse in Mexico

Using the reverse sear method, this flavorful picanha recipe is sure to be a massive hit at your next dinner party.

Mexican Chile Peppers 101: Everything you need to know

Which chile pepper is the hottest? What's the difference between Serrano and Árbol? Our comprehensive guide will turn you into a pepper pro.