About Mexico News Daily

Mexico News Daily was launched in June 2014 as a digital publication whose goal was to offer clear and concise coverage of news and current affairs in Mexico in English. We do so by curating existing news sources, mostly Spanish-language media outlets that publish content online.

We publish news about Mexico for English speakers, expatriates either retired or employed, and investors and businesses with a presence in Mexico or those interested in establishing one.

We go beyond simply translating the material from our sources. We rewrite that material, often by drawing from more than one source, and by researching the subject matter when necessary so we can provide our readers with context and background.

We strive for accuracy, balance and fairness in our coverage but we are only as good as our sources, most of which are Mexico’s leading newspapers and magazines.

Mexico News Daily has built a strong readership. Average monthly readers total 555,000, of whom 8,000 are paid subscribers. More than 90,000 readers receive our email newsletters, Mexico News Today, a summary of the latest news and stories delivered three times a week; The Whole Enchilada, a daily news summary; and the News Alert, issued whenever a major story is breaking. We also have more than 36,000 followers of our page on Facebook, on which we post a summary of every story we publish.

One of the biggest challenges we have faced since we launched has been striking a balance between good news and bad. In 2014 there was optimism in Mexico and abroad: the outlook for economic growth was good and crime rates were dropping. A year later, our content began to change. Bit by bit the news was getting worse: more crime, more violence, and little indication that sweeping structural reforms were doing much to trigger the hoped-for growth, curb corruption and create a criminal justice system that would actually punish wrongdoing.

Not much has changed since; a lot of the news is still bad, sometimes it’s just plain ugly. What has changed is our strategy: we continue to publish the bad stuff but we also look harder for the good news.

In June 2018 Mexico News Daily implemented a metered paywall to generate the revenues necessary for long-term sustainability and to broaden coverage to include more original content. Information about our three different subscription levels can be found here.

Mexico is in a period of transition and we look forward to being part of it, keeping our audience informed about news, current events and the people and culture that make Mexico great.

Tony Richards, Editor & Publisher