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A sobremesa

The etiquette of the sobremesa, Mexico’s after dinner artform

Combining socialization, great food and relaxation, Mexico has perfected the mealtime routine — here's how not to be caught out after you've eaten.
Leonora Carrington's "Les Distractions de Dagobert" held up by two pairs of hands in white gloves

Leonora Carrington, British-Mexican artist, makes history at auction

“Les Distractions de Dagobert,” painted by Leonora Carrington in 1945, sold for US $28.5 million last Wednesday.
Traditional Maya beekeeper extracting honey from a hive in a hollow log known in Mexico as a jabón

Archaeologists find ancient Maya beekeeping tools on Maya Train route

The significant find appears to show that ancient Maya beekeeping was more prevalent throughout Quintana Roo than previously thought.
Octavio Paz

How Mexico’s greatest author defined a country from afar

The Nobel Prize winner spent much of his adult life trying to understand the nature of Mexico while being unable to return to it.
Peso Pluma onstage

Peso Pluma and narcocorridos – good, bad, or simply a reality society doesn’t want...

Does the music of Peso Pluma really glorify cartel violence, or is it just another provocative genre in the vein of rap?
Nava Mau, star of Netflix show Baby Reindeer

The Mexican Netflix star making waves in the activist community

Actress and Baby Reindeer star Nava Mau has intertwined a life of advocacy with success in the film industry.
Mexican TV presenter and comedian Paco Stanley

Who shot Paco Stanley? Series rekindles interest in TV icon’s unsolved murder

This month, Amazon Prime debuts "¿Quién Lo Mató?" a six-part miniseries about TV Azteca host Paco Stanley's still-unsolved murder in 1999.

Querétaro: A cultural gem and an economic powerhouse

The Bajío state has played host to some of Mexico's defining historical moments, houses many natural wonders and is championing the nearshoring surge.

What to expect from ‘bad boy’ Damien Hirst’s Mexico City retrospective

The British artist is set to thrill Mexico City crowds with a collection of his most famous - and controversial - pieces at the Polanco gallery.
1968 Mexico City Olympic logo

Designing a legend: The iconography of the 1968 Olympics

The history of one of the most iconic pieces of 20th century design was anything but easy, but it changed Mexico forever.
Mexico City pulquería

‘The Mexican Slang Dictionary,’ a book that picks up where your Spanish class left off

Ya vamos a la pachanga, ¿jalas? If you wouldn't know how to respond, "The Mexican Slang Dictionary" by Alastair Baverstock can help.
A family of mothers

What is life like for working moms in Mexico?

The reality for working mothers has changed in recent years, but Mexican society continues to pose challenges for women with children.
A diver investigates the hull of a sunken ship off Baja California

INAH launches search for sunken ships off Baja California coast

After preliminary explorations of a 19th-century shipwreck near Ensenada in 2021, archaeologists say there are more shipwrecks there to find.
Xoloitzcuintle in Mexico City

How much do you know about the Xolo, the Mexican hairless dog?

The Xolo is a native, hairless breed of dog that has become a symbol of Mexico that is believed to reincarnate and protect and heal the sick.
Author Cristina Rivera Garza at a podium with microphones

Mexican author Cristina Rivera Garza wins a 2024 Pulitzer Prize

Rivera Garza's book, “Liliana’s Invincible Summer,” won over Pulitzer judges with its autobiographical tale of trying to resolve her sister's 1990 murder.

Painting the past: How Jorge Monroy depicts ancient Jalisco through watercolors

The exhibition tells the story of maize, obsidian and the old gods of Mexico and marks the beginning of one of Jalisco's largest cultural festivals.