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10 women on what you need to know when moving to...

Expat women across Mexico share their advice, tips and wisdom on things to consider before making the jump to living abroad.

The pre-Columbian board game of gambling, glyphs and poison beans

The game of patolli was the poker of the pre-Columbian age, played, bet upon and wildly celebrated by Indigenous groups across Mexico.

Opening of Chichén Itzá Maya Museum is ‘a great day for...

The new museum will house some of the archaeological treasures unearthed during the construction of the Maya Train project.

Mexico’s first tianguis: The story of Tlatelolco market

The great market of Tlatelolco was a trading hub for the Aztec empire and its influence has created the tianguis of Mexico City today - but how did it work?

‘Exceptional’ pre-Columbian funerary complex discovered in Nayarit

The skulls and skeletons found by INAH archaeologists offer critical insights into pre-Columbian funerary practices in Mexico.

What buildings make San Miguel de Allende the world’s ‘best small city’?

Discover the history of San Miguel de Allende and the people who inspired some of its most iconic architecture.
Julieta Venegas sings and plays accordeon

Julieta Venegas to headline International Women’s Day events in CDMX

A Julieta Venegas concert and a massive ballet class are just a couple of the more than 100 free events planned to celebrate '8M' in Mexico City.

Flag Day: The Story of the Mexican Flag

Why is Flag Day an important public celebration in Mexico, how many flags has the country had and what do they all mean?

On International Mother Language Day, Mexico celebrates linguistic diversity

Mexico observed International Mother Language Day on Wednesday, celebrating its 68 Indigenous languages and efforts to preserve them.
Chichén Itzá Temple of Kulkulcán

Why are scientists going to scan the Chichén Itzá pyramid with cosmic rays?

A group of Mexican and international researchers are hoping to discover more secrets in the iconic Temple of Kulkulcán.

How did the Mexican government become one of the world’s most important art collectors?

Artists in Mexico can pay their taxes in art thanks to David Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and an innovative program to resolve tax issues.
Woman receives a blessing and smudge of ash

Got 1 min? Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day coincide for first time in 79 years

Some may find themselves torn between fasting for Lent and indulging for "Día del Amor y la Amistad."
Tenochtitlán digital view

He brought ancient Tenochtitlán to life; now Thomas Kole makes first Mexico visit

The Dutch technical artist's painstakingly detailed renderings of the ancient metropolis create "an impressive journey through time."

What brings Molly Ringwald and Guillermo Arriaga to San Miguel de Allende?

The San Miguel Writers Conference will take place next week, with literary stars from Mexico and beyond in attendance.

What you should know about Mexico and Australia’s Indigenous diplomacy

The unlikely, but perfect, synergy between two countries an ocean apart is good for international relations.

Art Week in Mexico City: The hottest local galleries in CDMX

Celebrate Art Week in the capital with our guide to the best exhibitions and galleries across the city center.