Friday, December 8, 2023

The mystery of vanishing civilizations in Mexico explained

Excavations at the site of the Guachimontones Museum proved that local people never moved away from the site, but changed with the times.

Mexico in Numbers: Religion

Is Mexico as religious as it appears to be? Dive into the data on how Mexico's religious landscape is changing and diversifying.

Supreme Court lifts suspension on bullfighting in Mexico City

Supporters celebrated the lifting of a temporary suspension by the Supreme Court, but the constitutionality of the sport is still in question.

10 best art and history exhibits to see in Mexico City in December

Looking to round out 2023 with a dose of culture? Here are 10 of the best exhibitions open this month in Mexico City.

Valuable 16th-century document repatriated from Spain to Mexico

A Spanish citizen additionally returned to the Mexican government three pre-Columbian statuettes that originally taken from Nayarit.

‘Across the waves’: The Mexican waltz that defined American folk

You already know the song. It plays at the circus, at the sports game, at the carnival, in movies and even in video games. Meet the composer.

A balance between art and nature, Tepoztlán’s sculpture garden

From Asia to Tepoztlán, how one sculpture came to gift this pueblo mágico with perhaps Mexico’s best sculpture garden.

‘Tis the season for poinsettias, the Christmas flowers native to Mexico

Whether you call them poinsettias, nochebuenas or cuetlaxochitl, get ready to see this native Mexican plant everywhere as Christmas approaches.
Chapultepec tombs

Archaeologists reveal 3,500-year-old graves in Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park

Construction work unveiled the ancient burial chambers in Mexico City's Chapultepec Park this summer, and archaeologists are uncovering their secrets.

Got 1 min? Mexico City ranked the best city for culture in the world

The capital's cultural attractions beat Buenos Aires, Prague, Madrid and Melbourne for the best in the world according to Time Out magazine.

Photographing theater: capturing the artist as a healer

Danáe Kótsiras, a Mexican woman of Greek extraction, got a grant to photograph all the women doing theater in Jalisco.

Saving Michoacán forests: Purépechas plant millions of trees

Based on a pre-Columbian conservation model, Purépecha communities are regenerating their ecosystems to restore Michoacán's splendor.

More Mexican artifacts returned, this time from Germany

The repatriation of 75 ancient artifacts from Germany brings the total to over 13,000 pieces brought back to Mexico since AMLO took office.

How the Mexican Revolution inspired the Cuban Revolution

Everyone knows that Fidel Castro led the movement that overthrew the Batista regime in Cuba. Did you know that it was hatched in Mexico?
GDL book festival

What to do at the Guadalajara International Book Fair

The literature festival, billed as the biggest book fair in the Americas, will run for nine days. Here are the highlights.

Newly unearthed complex at Uxmal archaeological site opens to the public

An older section of the ancient Maya site of Uxmal, dating to the Preclassic period (500 BC to 300 AD), is now open to the visiting public.