Is Donald Trump hoping to trade dreams for bricks?

Is Trump holding ‘dreamers’ hostage?

Fulfilling one of United States President Donald Trump’s campaign promises, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The initiative, FULL STORY

The dreaded 404 error page.

Hurricanes, quakes — and 404 errors

What a week: hurricanes and earthquakes have dominated the news (rather than homicides, which I see as a marginal improvement). But much less obvious have been the 404 errors, although FULL STORY

mexican police

New security spending not delivering gains

Reprinted from InSight Crime A recent report by a think tank in Mexico underscores that increased security spending has done little to temper escalating rates of violence in the country, suggesting that FULL STORY

Spyware targets Aristegui and human rights worker Mario Patrón.

Spyware scandal a gift for organized crime

Reprinted from InSight Crime. Recent revelations about the government of Mexico’s widespread use of spyware to monitor adversaries in the press and the human rights community represent a gift for organized FULL STORY

spanish style house

No pesky regulations means buyer beware

This column is about the pre-construction purchase of real property in Mexico, a common practice which in this country is unfettered by pesky government regulations which protect a buyer’s investment. FULL STORY

Dutch-built Damen patrol vessels are used by the Mexican Navy.

Dutch investment totals over US $45bn

Almost everyone knows about United States and Canadian investment in Mexico thanks to the ample information provided regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement. But how many people are aware FULL STORY