Trump and Peña Nieto during the former's controversial August 2016 visit to Mexico.

Crisis spurred with Twitter diplomacy

Six days after taking office, United States President Donald Trump was facing the first international crisis of his administration. And it was unfolding on Twitter. Following through on campaign promises to crack FULL STORY

For NAFTA's partners it's death would mean economic calamity.

Why Trump will not keep NAFTA pledge

I’m writing this piece after having just watched the most sinister, darkest, weirdest, inaugural address, I think, ever spoken. I had to read the transcript for it to fully sink in: President FULL STORY

President Peña Nieto’s invitation for Donald Trump to visit Mexico in August offended 74% of Mexicans, according to polls.

How will Mexico deal with The Donald?

What is Mexico’s plan for facing incoming U.S. president Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign included heated anti-Mexican rhetoric? How is the country’s government preparing for threatened changes to the U.S.-Mexico FULL STORY

Mexico has a lot of natural beauty to save – or squander

Are reserves a real conservation effort?

At the UN’s Biodiversity Conference in Cancún (COP13) earlier this month, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that his government was creating four new nature reserves. This adds 181 protected natural FULL STORY