Mexican protesters confront the marines sent in to disband them

Should the military be deployed as police?

There is nothing noble about war. In the words of the Spanish-American philosopher and poet George Santayana, it “wastes a nation’s wealth, chokes its industries, kills its flower,” and “condemns FULL STORY

Around 98% of the corn that Mexicans use to make tortillas and other staples of their diet comes from the US.

Reshaping NAFTA could be good for MX

Among other threats targeting Mexico during his election campaign, U.S. President Donald Trump harshly criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a 23-year-old tripartite deal that removed tariffs and FULL STORY

New regulations make solar more attractive.

New rules encourage small solar systems

Earlier this year Mexico’s Energy Secretariat (Sener) presented new guidelines for the interconnection of small solar systems, known as distributed energy sources, to the national electricity grid. The revised regulations FULL STORY

Cárdenas: claims treaty unlawful.

Treaty challenge is total nonsense

As a historian on Mexico and author of “Mexico Behind the Mask, A Narrative History of Mexico,” I can say the article “Mexico-US treaty invalid, politician claims” is total nonsense. FULL STORY


Crocodile adventure promised some drama

One of my many interesting Mexican friends is Martha Armanta, who is the founder and president of Conrehabit, a Mexican conservation organization that provides wildlife rescue services as well as community FULL STORY

Heroin's price decline, 1981-2012.

Gearing up for the new drug war

Since 1973, U.S. taxpayers have spent over a trillion dollars on drug interdiction and enforcement efforts. Adjusted for inflation, illegal drugs are cheaper and more widely available than ever before FULL STORY