Mexico and the US: separated by a river, some fences, and a long history of racism

The ‘bad hombres:’ just who are they?

In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, United States president-elect Donald Trump highlighted some campaign promises that he actually plans to keep. Among others, he confirmed that he will build FULL STORY

Migrants ride 'The Beast.'

MX government a brick in Trump’s wall

Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States even though political pundits predicted that he would not even win the Republican presidential nomination. In the end, more 59 million FULL STORY


Watch your language to stay out of trouble

November in Mexico is when many of the snowbirds begin returning to their traditional winter roosting grounds. This is the commencement of what everyone calls the “season;” winter without freezing FULL STORY

A gay marriage supporter

Is Mexico ready for same-sex marriage?

In September, some 100 cities in all 32 Mexican states hosted a so-called “March for the Family” – protests against a proposal to legalize gay marriage. Estimates vary, but according FULL STORY