Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Australia vs Mexico in Numbers

As part of our Australia in Focus week, we look at the data on Mexico and Australia, from demographics to land area to biodiversity to shark attacks.

What you should know about Mexico and Australia’s Indigenous diplomacy

The unlikely, but perfect, synergy between two countries an ocean apart is good for international relations.
A picture of the Sydney Opera House and another picture of the Angel of Independence in Mexico City.

Retrospective: Australians in Mexico and Mexicans living Down Under

A Mexican winemaker Down Under, a '100% Mexican' Australian filmmaker and chilanga restaurateur in Sydney are a few of the people connecting the two countries.
North Rankin Complex Woodside Energy

3 major Australian companies doing business in Mexico

As part of our "Australia in Focus" series, learn about three Australian companies in the energy, real estate and infrastructure sectors investing in Mexico.

2 Australians who are forever linked to Mexico

Learn about two prominent Australians whose lives and work were intertwined with Mexico in our third article in the "Australia in Focus" series.
Rachel Moseley with Alejandra Frausto

Rachel Moseley, Australian Ambassador to Mexico, talks to Mexico News Daily

In this interview, learn more about Australia-Mexico relations and the two countries' cooperation on trade, cultural exchange and sustainability.
A mexican and australian flag side by side

Mexico and Australia: A deepening bond despite the distance

Mexico News Daily launches the Global Mexico series, starting with a focus on relations between Mexico and Australia this week.