Bishop Castro: 'We are heading down an abyss.' Bishop Castro: 'We are heading down an abyss.'

Bishop blames sexual diversity, abortion for coronavirus

'God isn’t talking to us, he’s shouting at us'

A Catholic bishop in Cuernavaca, Morelos, said at Sunday’s Mass that the Covid-19 pandemic is a divine reaction to abortion, euthanasia and sexual diversity.

“My children, God isn’t talking to us, he’s shouting at us. We are going to listen. Let’s know how to listen. We are paying attention,” said Bishop Ramón Castro Castro.

He told his congregation that there were 50 million abortions in the world in 2019, claiming that the women getting the procedure did it “as though it were nothing, as they please, proclaiming their pseudo-freedom, when those are children of God and we’ve murdered them.”

Other cited reasons for the Covid-19 plague include the prevalence of assisted suicide and increased sexual diversity.

“Euthanasia: ‘I’m tired of suffering, kill me,’ … or letting children decide the gender they want to be, a girl wants to be a boy. Oh my! Surely God is saying, ‘Listen children, … I’m your father and I love you and I’m merciful. You’re going down an abyss,’” said Castro.

He also cited the normalization of corruption, theft and violence as causes of the coronavirus pandemic.

The bishop did not mention cover-ups of behavior such as that of Father Fernando Martínez Suárez — who was abused by a priest as a teenager and went on to sexually abuse as many as eight girls at religious schools in Mexico City and Cancún — as a reason a vengeful God might want to punish humanity.

“The coronavirus stops us whether we want it to or not. In many countries they’ve already been forced to stop [normal society]. In Europe, in the United States, in China, everything is shut down by law, except for the pharmacies and the supermarkets, and that stops everyone, no matter who they are,” he said.

“A tiny, microscopic virus comes to humanity today: Hey, you are fragile, you are vulnerable. Your success, your money, your power cannot help you now. Realize who you are. Don’t play at being God. Humanity has wanted to play at being God,” he said.

The fire-and-brimstone sermon was Castro’s last in public until the Covid-19 pandemic passes. He told his congregation that for the time being he will transmit services on social media.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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