Salgado flashes a thumbs-up to guests at his big birthday party. Salgado flashes a thumbs-up to guests at his big birthday party.

Morena candidate for governor of Guerrero holds a party for 500

Félix Salgado, accused of sexual assault and corruption, celebrates his 64th birthday

A controversial former senator who will contest this year’s gubernatorial election in Guerrero held a massive birthday party last week in violation of coronavirus restrictions.

Félix Salgado Macedonio, who has been selected to represent President López Obrador’s Morena party at the June 6 election, held a party for his 64th birthday in the Guerrero capital of Chilpancingo on Thursday that was attended by more than 500 guests.

Photographs of the event circulating online show that there was little social distancing and that many guests didn’t wear face masks.

The risk of coronavirus infection is currently orange light high in Guerrero, according to the federal government stoplight system, and gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited.

But Salgado, who will be a third-time candidate for governor at this year’s election, ignored the prohibition. Among the attendees at the party, which featured performances by mariachi musicians and a band, were local Morena party officials.

Salgado was elected to the Senate in 2018.
Salgado was elected to the Senate in 2018.

The candidate, who left his position as Morena party senator last August, is accused of raping a teenage girl in 1998 and a woman in 2016.

Salgado has also faced allegations of receiving bribes in exchange for protecting criminals during his term as mayor of Acapulco between 2005 and 2008.

Morena secretary general Citlalli Hernández said this week that Salgado should be stripped of his candidacy, saying the party “cannot remain silent in the face of possible cases of rape and gender abuse.”

But the controversial candidate appears to have the support of López Obrador, who claimed that the sexual abuse allegations are politically motivated.

“It’s a partisan matter and product of the [electoral] season,” he said January 8. “There is competition in some states because the elections are coming; all this generates controversy and accusations. The only thing that I can say is that when there are elections or [political] competition, it’s about discrediting the opponent in one way or another.”

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