Musician Aiden McGill is a long way from Acapulco. Musician Aiden McGill is a long way from Acapulco.

Musician creates a piece of Mexico in wintry Ontario

With palm trees on a snowy loan, Aiden McGill brings Mexico to his own backyard

A Canadian musician who visits Mexico regularly has released a song and video designed to cheer up others who have decided to forgo travel due to the coronavirus.

“Here’s to all the folks who want to vacation but because of Covid-19 they cannot,” wrote Aiden McGill in a message accompanying the country tune and a video on his YouTube channel.

With plastic palm trees on a snowy lawn, Tan In a Can and the heat cranked up to 32 C, Our Own Mexico brings a Mexican beach vacation home to an Ontario winter.

It was written a few years ago by McGill and fellow musicians Tim Taylor and Shawn Christian during a visit to Nashville, and since then tweaked to reflect Covid and the new reality. The song was recorded at McGill’s home studio in Hastings, Ontario.

The video is made up of stills McGill shot during trips to Mexico and others while snowbound in Canada.

McGill says he travels to Mexico a few times a year.

“I love the food, I love the people and my favorite all-time place to go is Acapulco.”

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