bearded masked man Time for a shave?

Querétaro health workers asked to shave their beards

Whiskers can get in the way of a tight fit for face masks

Health authorities in Querétaro have asked male health workers to shave their beards so that face masks fit more snugly and better protect them and others from the coronavirus.

State health services director Martina Pérez Rendón said that face masks need to have as tight a seal as possible over both the mouth and nose to be effective, but contradictorily added that social distancing is truly what will stop the transmission chain.

“If I were a man and had a beard and I were sick, I could contaminate my beard when I sneeze,” she said. “However, if I don’t greet others with a hug or a kiss, I surely won’t infect anyone.”

She went on to say that the recommendation goes for all men with beards in the state.

Proper fitting of face masks has been an important issue at the national level, as well. Federal Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell announced in late-April that their effectiveness is only ensured when worn correctly and urged the public to do so.

According to state health authorities, of the 710 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Querétaro 225 are health professionals.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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