The mariachi-singing police in Quintana Roo. The mariachi-singing police in Quintana Roo.

Quintana Roo police confront coronavirus — with mariachi

On a video posted to Twitter, officers sing the recommendations to avoid the virus

After the Quintana Roo state government issued its measures and recommendations for mitigating the spread of Covid-19, some state police officers found a different way to present the information to the public.

State Security Commissioner Alberto Capella shared a video to Twitter on Wednesday featuring officers singing and dancing the recommendations along to the popular folksong El mariachi loco, or The Crazy Mariachi Player.

Instead of singing “The crazy mariachi wants to dance,” the officers sing “The coronavirus wants to come here.”

“But I want to tell everyone that Quintana Roo won’t let it in,” continues the first verse.

In addition to singing, the officers dance and play instruments, but all keep at least two meters of distance between them during the group shots.

The lyrics go on to inform the public that the virus takes root in the throat and urges them not to kiss or shake hands when greeting. They stress the importance of handwashing and covering one’s mouth when sneezing and coughing.

The video generated disparate reactions from social media users. Some praised it as a fun way to inform and reduce the tension of the moment, while others said that “now is not the time for dancing, but for action.”

One user called the Covid-19 pandemic a “serious problem that will only add to the insecurity [in Mexico] in the coming weeks. Let’s take our responsibilities seriously!”

Only time will tell what effect the video will have on the spread of the coronavirus in the state. As of the time of publication, it had 133 likes, 71 retweets and 20 comments.

There are currently 27 cases of Covid-19 in Quintana Roo, for which Governor Carlos Joaquín urged citizens to remain in their homes.

“It’s important to maintain social distancing of over a meter between one person and another. Do not go to places where there are lots of people. Let’s not throw parties or social gatherings. This can make the difference,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

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