A handwashing station in Hidalgo. A handwashing station in Hidalgo.

Thieves target portable handwashing stations in Hidalgo

The stations have been installed in several places in the state


Public handwashing stations installed to prevent the spread of coronavirus in a city in Hidalgo are not faring well: thieves are going after the accessories.

Thieves in Huejutla vandalized and stole accessories from four of 15 stations set up by state and municipal authorities.

In response, the state said anyone found harming the installations could spend a night in jail or be forced to pay fines to cover the damage.

The Huejutla municipal government announced that it had repaired the damage and replaced the soap and hand gel dispensers that were stolen over the weekend.

Handwashing stations were set up in a number of locations across the state, many of which saw use by the public.

A retail worker in Tula de Allende said the stations are a good resource to keep one’s hands clean when out of the house on essential business.

“Now there’s no excuse [not] to wash your hands frequently when in public, avoiding contagion,” he said.

Another resident said that she sees people using the stations almost all day and hopes the preventative measures will have the desired effect soon.

“Hopefully all of this comes to an end and we can continue with our normal lives,” she said.

Sources: El Sol de Hidalgo (sp), El Sol de Hidalgo (sp)

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