Tourists vent their anger at a reporter on a beach in Puerto Vallarta. Tourists vent their anger at a reporter in Puerto Vallarta.

Tourists harass and attack reporter on Puerto Vallarta beach

They were angry at being filmed at Los Muertos beach

Two foreign tourists verbally and physically assaulted a female Mexican reporter in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, as she filmed them in a report on visitors not following the government’s Covid-19 mitigation guidelines.

Doraliz Terrón was reporting on the situation at the tourist destination’s Los Muertos beach for the regional news outlet Paralelo Informativo on Monday when a foreign tourist approached her and used physical force to try and stop her from recording him.

“Nobody wants you filming us,” he says as he rushes to her and forcefully puts his hand over her phone.

“I want to tell you that you’re not supposed to be here,” Terrón says in English as the man interrupts her.

“Oh yeah?” he says, the camera shaking violently from his assault. “Fuck off!”

“We don’t want you here,” the man shouts angrily at the reporter.

Despite his threatening demeanor, Terrón didn’t back down. “I don’t care,” she says. “We are working here.”

“You are not working here. You are filming people on the beach,” he says, claiming that Terrón needed permission to film him in public.

When Terrón said she was going to report them to the authorities, another man shouted, “Report all you want, you stupid bitch!”

After the reporter spoke with two navy marines who were nearby, they approached the visitors, who agreed to follow the physical distancing guidelines.

But after the marines left, Terrón was approached once again by the man, accompanied by a woman, who repeatedly told her to “fuck off!”

“You’re a terrible person!” the man screamed as the two filmed each other.

After leaving the scene, Terrón said on camera that authorities would do nothing about the assault and that the tourists would carry on as if nothing happened.

“… it’s not a problem if they assault [people].”

Source: Infobae (sp)

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