Tampico vaccination crash The man used his SUV to crash through a fence and push a pickup truck out of his way.

Impatient candidate for vaccination attempts to jump the queue

The eager candidate for a shot used his vehicle to push another out of the way

An elderly man was arrested in Tamaulipas on Tuesday for trying to skip the line for a COVID-19 shot, colliding with at least one vehicle and a fence in the process.

The man arrived in a white sport utility vehicle at the drive-through vaccination center in Tampico at a campus of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas. He drove into a steel gate at an entrance to the campus before accelerating and crashing into a pickup truck belonging to the university.

In a video, he is seen accelerating into the university vehicle — which spins around 180 degrees — forcing his way past it before driving on. “He might run someone over up there,” someone can be heard saying.

The unidentified suspect was stopped some 100 meters farther down the road by National Guardsmen and university security guards.

After being instructed to leave his vehicle by officers, he refused to do so, arguing that he had symptoms of COVID-19 and could be contagious, the newspaper El Universal reported.

A news report with footage of the incident.


The man can be heard screaming in another video as he is detained by force by three people. Meanwhile, his pickup was removed by a tow truck.

With reports from Milenio and El Universal

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