Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Changes to the IMSS law mean new responsibilities for some employers.

Four takeaways from the new social security law for domestic workers

The new law mandates social security benefits for housekeepers, gardeners and other domestic workers. Here's what employers need to know.
Thomas and Sparky children's book by Linda L. Lock

Moving your kids to Mexico? These books will get them started

Leigh Thelmadatter shares some books for all ages that are well done and can help your kids feel more connected to a new life in Mexico.
tax documents

Primer: as a US citizen living in Mexico, do I need...

Sarah DeVries interviewed tax specialist Michael Lindstrom, who explains who must file annual U.S. tax returns and who may not need to.
SAT building Mexico

Tax reform requires expats to obtain taxpayer registration by July 1

The change is intended to help the government keep better track of financial transactions between citizens and to prevent money laundering.
Ixtapa Zihuatanejo house

Homebuying in Mexico has a learning curve, but it’s doable with good help

Once you've found your dream house, make sure you find the right guides as you navigate the country's labyrinthian legal process.

IMSS for the expat: it’s a viable and affordable option

If you live in Mexico and work full time for a Mexican company, chances are that you have health insurance. But what about the rest of us?
flying in to cancun

A Mexican visitor’s permit no longer guarantees a 180-day stay

It once was all but guaranteed that a visitor could stay for 180 days, the maximum allowed under the rules. That's no longer the case.
Whale Magic Tours

Starting a small business in Mexico: what online sites don’t tell you

Mexican commercial enterprise has real bureaucratic and interpersonal challenges, but many expat entrepreneurs also see advantages.