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Is Mexico’s best hangover cure a rusa or a suero?

As you may know, Mexicans are fond of limes and the citrus fruit is used extensively in many dishes and drinks throughout the country. Previously on MND, we discussed what is perhaps the most famous lime-based drink in Mexico, the michelada. Today, it’s time to talk about another very popular drink made with lime: the “rusa” or “suero.”

What is a rusa (or suero)?

This drink is one of the most refreshing alternatives to alcohol (as it’s made with lots of ice) and is perfect if you don’t want to drink, or are recovering from a hangover. A suero is essentially three ingredients: sparkling water, lime and salt. This combination also makes it a perfect hangover remedy — its hydrating properties combat dehydration and help relieve stomach upsets and nausea. Moreover, lime is a good source of vitamin C. Since salt helps retain liquids, the suero will also assist in maintaining fluids in your body, which is ideal for a hangover.

Meet the popular drink made with lemon, salt and mineral eater: the “rusa” or “suero.” (OpenAI)

Furthermore, according to the Cleveland Clinic, this combination of ingredients will alleviate a sore throat, promote optimal digestion and aid in protecting against mouth ulcers and other diseases. Drinking mineral water with salt enables us to replenish the electrolytes we lose throughout the day.

This drink tastes delightful, and honestly, it feels like heaven on a hot day,  thanks to the super cold temperature at which it is typically served.

As a tip, many restaurants may not have it on their menu, but you can typically request it as it is super easy to prepare. Just ask for mineral water with lemon and salt, and it will be served!

Do I call it rusa or suero?

As with the michelada (also called chelada in some parts of Mexico), the name rusa or suero depends on where in the country you are. 

The suero is one of Mexico’s most popular hangover cures. (OpenAIx).


This drink is called a “suero” in places like Mexico City and its surrounding areas such as México state, Puebla, Tlaxcala, etc. In this region, some people also refer to it as “Tehuacán preparado” (Tehuacán used to be a popular brand of mineral water), but it is largely known as “suero.”

Some popular sports drinks, such as Electrolit or Suerox are often known as sueros as well. These are available from most stores and pharmacies, but often come in a variety of flavors, not just lime.


In places like Guadalajara, Veracruz and the northern part of Mexico, lime juice, mineral water and salt is called “rusa.” People sometimes add Squirt soda and tequila in Guadalajara.

In Zacatecas, people refer to suero as “agua loca” (crazy water).

How to make suero at home

SUERO ORAL CASERO. cómo hacer suero oral casero - Remedios Caseros


Ana Paula de la Torre is a Mexican journalist and collaborator for various outlets including Milenio, Animal Político, Vice, Newsweek en Español, Televisa and Mexico News Daily.


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