Friday, November 24, 2023

22-year-old dies after body fat removal treatment in Nuevo León

The death of a young woman after undergoing a form of liposuction treatment in Monterrey on Tuesday has sparked a state investigation.

Cinthia Vega Chapa, 22, arrived at the Elohim Clinic the same afternoon for an “Aqualipo Full Body” treatment, but during the procedure her blood pressure spiked and she was taken to the Camino Real Medical Center. But when she arrived at the medical center, she had no vital signs.

An unnamed woman who drove Vega to the hospital told doctors that Vega had undergone an aesthetic procedure and then “her health worsened.” After delivering Vega to the medical center, the woman said she had to go and quickly left.

The Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation into the case.

Vega’s death recalls the case of 23-year-old influencer and athlete Odalis Santos, who died after an aesthetic treatment in July. A Guadalajara clinic hired Santos to undergo a treatment to reduce underarm sweating, which she was later to promote to her social media followers. The treatment did not go as planned: Santos had a reaction to a local anesthetic and died of anaphylactic shock.

The clinic disavowed all responsibility, saying that Santos had neglected to inform them of certain substances she had consumed, including anabolic steroids, leading to the deadly reaction.

Guillermo Flores Tovar, the director of special investigations for the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office, said that Santos’ autopsy results were consistent with the clinic’s claims, but there would be an investigation into whether medical negligence was a factor in Santos’ death.

With reports from El Universal

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