Wildfire yesterday in Pinar de la Venta, Jalisco. Wildfire yesterday in Jalisco.

600 evacuated after fires break out again in Primavera Forest

Residents were evacuated in Pinar de la Venta, Zapopan

There were more fires in the Primavera Forest in Jalisco yesterday and after one threatened an inhabited areas, authorities evacuated 600 people.

The state government said a fire broke out in the Mesa de los Caballos region of the forest yesterday at 3:40pm, but was later controlled.

At 6:10pm, another fire broke out in Paredones de la Venta, prompting the evacuation of 600 people from the Pinar de la Venta neighborhood in Zapopan.

The governor said on Twitter that although no injuries or loss of real estate had been reported, an undetermined number of vehicles had been destroyed in the blaze.

Footage shot by residents of Pinar de la Venta showed people using hoses and buckets in an attempt to control the fire as it crept closer to their properties and consumed power lines.

Shifting wind direction and speeds made firefighters’ work more difficult, but the fire was declared under control shortly before midnight.

As of Tuesday afternoon the state was fighting 15 active wildfires.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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