Mexicali's dogs: some are looking for a home. Mexicali's dogs: some are looking for a home.

800 dogs are put down every month in Mexicali

88% of captured, unclaimed dogs are put down due to ill health

Animal control officials are kept busy in Mexicali, Baja California: they put down more than 800 dogs every month.

Staff patrol the streets of of the state capital every day, securing between 40 and 50 dogs found roaming unsupervised, said a worker at the municipal offices.

“When animals arrive at animal control, most of them have external parasites, like ticks and flies, and are extremely malnourished. Dogs are kept in cages for three days waiting for someone to claim them,” explained Jacinto García Baltazar.

He estimated that 88% of all captured dogs are put down due to their poor health and because they were unclaimed.

The remaining healthy 12% are put up for adoption, but if there are no takers the same fate awaits.

The municipal animal control office also responds to reports of animal abuse: it received 357 throughout June, 85% of which required the presence of law enforcement authorities and 90% were solved satisfactorily for the animal. A fine of up to 4,000 pesos (US $210) was imposed in the remaining 5% of the cases.

“There are some cases in which the presence of the municipal police is required to document the case and for us to be able to rescue an animal subjected to their owner’s negligence,” said García.

The animal control office encourages people to adopt neutered and fully vaccinated dogs from their pound, a process that costs 266 pesos ($14) and entails the signing of a letter of responsibility.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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