Scene of Thursday's attack against police. Scene of Thursday's attack against police.

9 civilians dead after confrontation in Coahuila

Police were attacked on the Anáhuac-Colombia highway near the Texas border

A confrontation between a group of armed civilians and security forces in Coahuila left nine civilians dead on Thursday afternoon.

State police were patrolling the Anáhuac-Colombia highway in Hidalgo, a municipality located on the border with Texas, when they were attacked. The aggressors fled but the security forces followed and with the support of additional agents and the army, the attackers were located.

According to a state press release, when the security forces caught up with the armed civilians, the group once again attacked in a confrontation that left nine of the latter dead. Several others managed to flee.

Security forces took possession of two of the aggressors’ vehicles, including one with improvised vehicle armor known as a monstruo or narco tank. They also seized 10 weapons, including a Barrett .50 caliber semi-automatic sniper rifle.

The incident occurred in the same area where state police prevented 30 trucks carrying gunmen from entering Coahuila on August 25. After exchanging fire, the trucks fled back toward Nuevo León. Three officers were injured in the conflict.

With reports from Milenio and Proceso

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