The marijuana discovered this week in Tijuana. The marijuana discovered this week in Tijuana.

9 tonnes of marijuana seized in Tijuana warehouse

Federal agents have seized over nine tonnes of marijuana found in a warehouse in Tijuana.

After state police officers reported the warehouse had been guarded since Monday federal prosecutors obtained a search warrant for the property.

When police entered the warehouse, they found 757 packages containing marijuana, totaling nine tonnes of the narcotic.

It was the third marijuana seizure in the state this week.

Presumed cartel hitmen were ambushed Thursday by soldiers in Ensenada who confiscated 750 kilograms of pot.

Days before, two tonnes of marijuana were discovered by navy marines inside four vehicles in Tecate. Three of the vehicles had been reported stolen.

One person was arrested.

Source: Zeta Tijuana (sp), Infobae (sp)

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