'Happy day, moms,' reads the message on a Cancún beach. 'Happy day, moms,' reads the message on a Cancún beach.

A Mother’s Day message on the beach—written with sargassum

The weed proves useful for leaving a message

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when nature gives you tonnes of sargassum seaweed, use it to write a message dedicated to mothers on their day.

That was the silver lining found by security workers at a private residential complex in the Puerto Juárez district of Cancún, who worked through the small hours of Friday morning to create their touching Mother’s Day message with about 50 kilograms of sargassum.

Come early morning, as local mothers were getting ready to take their young ones to school, they were surprised by the short message writ large on the beach that wished them a “happy day.”

And since seaweed is not a scarce at the moment in Quintana Roo, the workers gave their message a final flourish: a simple accompanying flower.

Residents of the complex started sharing photos of the sargassum Mother’s Day art. They went viral on social media before long.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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