Former chief of police Rosas. Former chief of police Rosas.

Acapulco police chief quits after just seven months

The navy officer leaves amid continuing violence

After only seven months in office Acapulco’s police chief resigned on Tuesday amid continuing crime and violence.

Gerardo Rosas Azamar’s resignation was confirmed by Mayor Adela Román Ocampo, who said Rosas planned to return to his post as a captain in the navy.

The resignation comes after Rosas faced questions over a series of violent incidents in the beach destination.

After public transit workers marched to demand an end to violence and extortion, allegedly at the hands of the Los Capuchinos and Los Viruz gangs, two bus drivers were killed and two others were kidnapped.

Gangsters also set fire to several buses and transit vans around the city. In response, transit workers suspended service between Thursday and Saturday, paralyzing much of the city, especially neighborhoods in eastern Acapulco.

Mayor Román said the violence is related to a struggle for territory between criminal groups.

Chief Rosas’ tenure was also marked by protests by officers demanding better pay and working conditions.

Source: El Financiero (sp), El Sur (sp)

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