One of Acapulco's divers takes the 30-meter plunge. One of Acapulco's divers takes the 30-meter plunge.

Acapulco’s cliff divers win international tourism award

The divers have been a tourist attraction since 1934

One of Acapulco’s most popular tourist attractions has won international recognition at the 2021 International Tourism Festival, which took place in January in Madrid.

The high divers of the La Quebrada cliffs have been performing spectacular feats for tourists since 1934. The divers jump from more than 30 meters from the cliffs into a narrow channel below.

They won the 2021 Touristic Excellence Award in a competition that also included European and Middle Eastern tourist attractions. Judges considered how long the attractions have been around, how much tourist spending they attract, and how the spectacles are connected to the local economy.

A video shared by the Guerrero Tourism Ministry showed divers celebrating the win and recounting their stories.

Divers often start young, some learning from their parents. Mónico Ramírez Cedeño said he started diving at 12and now has more than 50 years of experience. Another diver, Keving Palacio Pérez, said he grew up watching his father perform the risky dive.

“I was four years old when my father would dive and they would take me down to swim down in the channel with floaties,” Palacio recounted. Now, he’s the one taking the plunge.

Over the years, millions of people have come to witness the spectacle, which has been incorporated into tour packets, conventions and other special events.

With reports from El Sol de Acapulco

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