Adult story night via Zoom, YouTube features Michoacán storyteller

Artists' collective presents online event

Artists Standing Strong Together, a collective of independent artists founded in March to provide support during the coronavirus pandemic, has announced a fourth night of storytelling aimed at adults.

Mexican storyteller and musician Valentina Ortiz, from La Huacana, Michoacán, will join storytellers from across the United States in a Zoom event that will also be live-streamed on YouTube. Viewers are invited to bring a beer, and their ears, to the watch party. 

Promotional material for the event describes the art of storytelling as a “verbal movie, creating images in your mind through the turn of a phrase, the use of words and the facial expressions and gestures” of those telling the tales. Scheduled story topics include sex, murder, romance and obsession, among others. 

The event is free and begins at 10 p.m. ET on Saturday. Zoom participants must register in advance and will be invited to be part of the session’s virtual after-party.

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