Sola de Vega, where the local government has been dismissed by the state. Sola de Vega, where the local government has been dismissed by the state.

Agrarian conflict in Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur leaves 10 dead

The first incident killed seven and flared up again days later

Ten people have been killed and at least four injured during two confrontations in agrarian conflicts between communities in Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur, 160 kilometers from Puerto Escondido.

The first clash on Friday night killed seven and left three injured. Another confrontation late Sunday night killed three and left another person with gunshot wounds.

One dispute is between San Agustín Rancho Viejo, located in the municipality of Villa Sola de Vega,  and San Vicente Coatlán; another is between the community of El Guayabo, also located in Villa Sola de Vega, and the town and municipality of Santa María Sola.

The three people injured in Friday’s shooting were taken to hospital on Saturday night but armed men later entered the hospital and forcibly removed them and members of their families.

“They were taken away to an unknown destination and we were told that if we continued treating them we would have consequences, that we’d better do nothing,” said one of the nurses.

He added that the director of the hospital immediately sent everyone home and closed the facility.

In response, the Oaxaca state Congress has disbanded the local government in Villa Sola de Vega.

Sources: El Universal (sp)

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