The Chapultepec park roller coaster called La Quimera. The Chapultepec park roller coaster called La Quimera.

All the rides at amusement park found lacking in maintenance

Roller coaster on which two people died should have been shut down for defects, city official says

None of the rides at a Mexico City amusement park where two people were killed in September had been properly maintained, the capital’s civil protection secretary revealed this week.

Two young men were killed on September 28 when the car in which they were traveling on the Quimera roller coaster at the Feria de Chapultepec amusement park derailed and fell about 10 meters to the ground. Authorities determined that the ride was lacking in maintenance.

Speaking before the Mexico City Congress, Myriam Urzúa Venegas said that during a visit to the fairgrounds she was informed that all rides in the park were lacking in maintenance.

She said the government’s investigation could extend to authorities in the borough of Miguel Hidalgo, where the park is located, because they failed to fulfill their duty to inspect all the rides and verify that they were in good working order.

However, Urzúa stressed that the ultimate responsibility for the roller coaster accident, in which two young women were seriously injured, lies with the amusement park management.

The secretary said there were several defects with the Quimera roller coaster and that the park management should have shut it down.

“. . . Management has to review the logbooks of each of the rides on a daily basis. I think that’s the first failure,” she told lawmakers.

Urzúa said that authorities are working with the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions “to bring national regulations into line with international ones,” adding that a local regulation initiative will be presented to Congress soon.

She noted that the number of visitors to Mexico City amusement parks has fallen by 30% since last month’s fatal accident. The Six Flags park, the largest in the capital, has clear safety protocols and very few accidents, Urzúa added.

Source: El Universal (sp) 

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