Del Mazo and López Obrador: a good relationship. Del Mazo and López Obrador: a good relationship.

AMLO invites retired doctors to cover hospital personnel shortages

Those who 'still have strength' can resume practising under six-year contracts

President López Obrador has announced that the government will invite retired doctors to apply for positions in public hospitals plagued by personnel shortages.

“There are vacancies in the social security [healthcare sector] that are not filled . . . There will be a call-out for all doctors, not only so that they have work and earn well but also so that they help us to provide health care for the people,” the president said during a weekend visit to rural regions of México state.

López Obrador said that retired doctors who “still have strength” will have the opportunity to resume their medical careers by signing six-year contracts.

He explained that doctors who take up positions in rural areas will be paid more than those who work in cities.

The president also said that 80,000 healthcare employees currently holding replacement or contract positions will be afforded the opportunity to obtain permanent employment status although he conceded that it wouldn’t happen overnight.

In addition, López Obrador pledged that the government will improve hospital infrastructure and purchase new medical equipment using an additional 40 billion pesos (US $2 billion) that will be allocated to the public healthcare sector in 2020.

Appearing alongside México state Governor Alfredo del Mazo, the president said the government has developed a good working relationship with the leaders of all of Mexico’s 32 states.

“I’m pleased that in the case of México state and in other states, but here in a very prominent way, we have a very good relationship with the governor. We’re working together and that’s the way we’re going to continue.”

Source: Milenio (sp) 

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