lopez obrador AMLO plays the role of the angry and ungrateful middle class vaccine recipient.

AMLO takes aim at middle class for lack of humility at vaccination sites

Unlike the middle class, the poor are grateful and good when they get their shot, president says

The middle class should be more grateful to be vaccinated against COVID-19, President López Obrador said Friday in another monologue revealing his antipathy for a large sector of the population.

The president held up the poor as a better example of human nature during his morning press conference.

“Humble people are grateful, are good. They are not know-it-alls; they act with humility. The other day I was saying that when a middle class person gets vaccinated, I’m not generalizing, but they arrive at the vaccination center upset,” the president opined before proceeding to generalize.

“‘How long will it take?’ ‘No, señora, it won’t be long,’” he said, imitating a dialogue between his archetypical angry middle class woman and a harried healthcare worker.

“What vaccine is it? … I don’t want the vaccine where they give me the communist chip,” he continued haughtily, mocking the recipient. “Why did it take so long? … They are obligated to vaccinate us. It’s our money, it’s our taxes.”

The poor, meanwhile, are silent and thankful, he said.

“A humble person, even knowing that it is money from the budget and that it is a government responsibility … goes in silence, gets the vaccine, [and says] ‘Thank you, many thanks.’”

“Hopefully as we move up the social ladder, the economic ladder, we don’t forget humility,” the president concluded, adding that humility is power.

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