Andrick shares his dream with a reporter. Andrick shares his dream with a reporter.

Andrick used to build sandcastles in his dreams. Now he’ll build a real one

The boy's television interview has led to a free trip for him and his family to Puerto Vallarta

A young boy’s candid response to a reporter’s question touched some chords, with the result that one of his dreams — building a sandcastle on the beach — is about to come true.

Early this week a television reporter in Monterrey, Nuevo León, asked young Andrick what he liked to do most during vacations.

“I like to build sandcastles,” he answered, to which the reporter followed up with, “Have you gone to the beach?” “No,” the boy replied.

“How do you build sandcastles then?” the reporter continued.

“Only in my dreams.”

The 16-second clip was posted online and soon went viral, with commenters on social media half-jokingly wondering if they should chip in and send the young boy to the beach.

But others decided to do more than joke about the story.

Broadcaster Multimedios Televisión started organizing Andrick’s dream vacation by approaching possible donors.

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust director Javier Aranda Pedredero explained that the broadcaster contacted his organization after first talking to low-cost airline VivaAerobus.

The tourism organization then persuaded the Hacienda Buenaventura Hotel in Puerto Vallarta to join the initiative, which will include Andrick’s family.

Even getting to and from the airport has been taken care of: the car rental agency Avis will provide airport transportation.

The Tourism Trust said everything is now in place to welcome the young boy and his family so they can “enjoy our beautiful beaches.”

But the holiday might not end there.

Andrick has also been invited to travel to Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

Source: Informador (sp)

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