Wednesday, November 29, 2023

#LordInterjet: angry airline employee clashes with passenger

An airline employee is the latest target of social media shaming using the #Lord hashtag after a clash with a passenger at the Mexico City airport on Christmas Day.

In a video that went viral on Twitter, the employee is seen dealing with a crowd of angry passengers demanding food and hotel vouchers after their travel plans were disrupted when Interjet cancelled their flight. But the employee left his post behind the counter when he saw that he was being filmed by one of the passengers.

He approached the man and told him not to film him. But when the passenger refused, the employee grabbed for the man’s cellphone and a physical confrontation ensued.

A video shot by another person in the terminal shows a security guard breaking up the fight.

The video went viral on Twitter, where users dubbed the man #LordInterjet.

Interjet released a statement announcing that it would carry out an investigation.

“In relation to a video circulating on social media about a discussion between an employee of the company and a passenger, Interjet regrets the actions that triggered this incident,” the company said.

Opinions among Twitter users were divided, with some supporting the passenger and others taking pity on Interjet employees.

“It’s dramatic what is happening with @Interjet. What a disaster of administration, one that has permeated the whole organization. The clearest example of the disaster of a company is #LordInterjet,” said one Twitter user.

“They had been flying for hours, worn out covering for flights without crews. They did their jobs perfectly and smiling . . . I’m not justifying #LordInterjet but truthfully I realized yesterday that Interjet employees are under [a lot of] stress,” tweeted one sympathetic user.

Instead of taking sides, others simply took advantage of the situation to make memes.

“New waiting rooms in the airports thanks to #LordInterjet,” said one tweet with a picture of a wrestling ring “photoshopped” into an airport terminal.

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency reported that over 4,000 passengers were affected by Interjet’s seven cancelled flights and 25 delays during the Christmas holiday season.

Sources: Infobae (sp)

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