Interior Secretary Sánchez: preparing for another caravan. Interior Secretary Sánchez: preparing for another caravan.

Mexico to reinforce southern border as another migrants’ caravan sets out

Measures will ensure safe and orderly arrival, interior secretary says

The federal government is reinforcing the southern border after hearing reports that a new caravan of migrants is set to leave Central America by mid-January, intending to travel north through Mexico to the United States.

Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero explained that measures are under way to guarantee that the migrants’ entry into Mexico is safe, orderly and regulated.

The 12 established entry points at the southern border are to be reinforced, she continued, as will the surveillance of 379 illegal crossings that have been detected.

The federal government’s new migrant policy establishes several requirements for migrants, such as providing personal information that includes biometric data, the reason for their entry and official identification, Sánchez said.

Anyone who fails to comply will be deported.

All requests for entry are to be processed within 72 hours, and should conclude with the issuing of either work permits or humanitarian visas.

Undersecretary for human rights Alejandro Encinas Rodríguez said migrants who want to cross Mexico to reach the United States must have a visa issued by that country or they will not be allowed in.

Source: Multimedios (sp)

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