The Frenaa protest camp Wednesday in the zócalo. The Frenaa protest camp Wednesday in the zócalo.

Anti-AMLO protest camp moves into Mexico City zócalo

Frenaaa supporters will remain until November 30, perhaps longer if the president doesn't resign

Protesters demanding the resignation of President López Obrador have converged on the zócalo, Mexico City’s central square, after having camped for five days on Avenida Juárez in the capital city’s historic center. 

Protesters affiliated with the National Anti-AMLO Front, or Frenaaa, moved to the square Wednesday after they obtained an injunction permitting them to do so.

According to Gilberto Lozano, leader of the organization, protesters will camp out in the square until at least November 30, and if President López Obrador does not resign the protest could be extended. 

Reinforcements from Tamaulipas, Aguascalientes, Querétaro, Nuevo León and Chiapas are expected to arrive soon to rotate out current protesters now that Frenaaa has achieved its goal of taking the central square, Lozano said.

Yesterday afternoon, a group of López Obrador supporters arrived and confronted the protesters without violence, while police stood in the middle of the two groups.

Some 350 protesters in brightly colored tents woke up in the zócalo this morning under the watchful eye of at least 300 police officers, and with a metal barrier preventing their access to the remainder of the square and the National Palace.

A food stand was set up where breakfast consisted of eggs, salsa, beans, bread and coffee.

A sound system was also put in place, and the group sang the national anthem at 7:30 and complained about not being able to bring a banner featuring the Virgin of Guadalupe or metal objects into their encampment.  

President López Obrador said members of the movement are welcome to the zócalo and that their rights, medical attention and care are guaranteed as they camp in the square.

The president recalled that he has also participated in protests in the past, at times sleeping overnight. This morning, López Obrador asked his supporters not to engage with protesters, while challenging Frenaaa leaders to set up tents in the square and sleep alongside their followers, “day and night, rain, thunder or lightning.” 

Source: El Universal (sp)

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