One of 11 vehicles damaged by gunfire in Guaymas. One of 11 vehicles damaged by gunfire in Guaymas.

Armed civilians wake up Guaymas residents with gunfire

No explanation has surfaced for the early-morning hail of bullets

No explanation has surfaced for a demonstration of fire power by armed civilians early Sunday in Guaymas, Sonora.

Gunfire in San Vicente panicked residents at 6:00am who awoke to a hail of bullets being fired at homes and vehicles in the area, but no one was hurt.

Eleven vehicles were damaged in the process. Police found dozens of spent cartridges of assault rifles at the scene.

They said no one has filed a complaint for fear of reprisals.

Meanwhile, increased crime in both Guaymas and Empalme have triggered a joint operation of vigilance and prevention by federal, state and provincial security forces in the two municipalities.

The operation has been put in place by the Sonora Coordination Group, a security coordinating agency. Checkpoints have been installed to look for stolen vehicles, illegal weapons and drugs.

Increased police patrols have been initiated in high-crime areas and in tourist and commercial areas including Miramar beach, Las Playitas, San Carlos and El Cochorit beach.

Source: El Imparcial (sp)

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