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Avocado, lime prices remain high

More than two months after lime and avocado prices spiked, two of Mexico’s most popular fruits remain relatively expensive, according to data from Profeco, Mexico’s consumer protection agency.

In some areas of Mexico City, both lime and avocado cost more than 100 pesos (about US $5) per kilogram. Over the past week, avocado prices in the capital ranged from 58 to 106 pesos per kilo, with an average price of 87 pesos per kilo.

Lime ranged from 40 to 107 pesos per kilo, with Colima (Mexican) limes costing significantly less than Persian limes on average (72 versus 93 pesos per kilo, respectively).

In Guadalajara, avocado prices did not surpass 100 pesos, but the average price around the state was a bit higher, at 92 pesos per kilo. Lime prices were similar to prices in Mexico City.

In Monterrey, the most expensive avocados went for 99 pesos per kilo, with an average price of 88 pesos per kilo. Colima lime sold for an average 63 pesos per kilo.

lime prices meme mexico
The high prices has brought back a favorite meme about lime prices on social media, joking that a lime for your tequila shot will cost you 10 times the price of the liquor. Internet

The numbers stand in contrast with optimistic statements made by the head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield, in late February.

“Last week I found [lime] in many places in Mexico City for 40 pesos,” he said at the time. “… In other parts of the country, especially areas of production, it is already less than 20 pesos per kilo, so it’s now getting back to normal.”

Carlos Anaya, the head of Agricultural Market Consultant Group (GCMA), said that the rise in avocado prices is related to a dip in production compared to the past year, while domestic and international demand remains strong.

Lime prices are down 18% from in the areas where they are grown, “but we keep seeing that supermarkets and markets are still maintaining a high price,” Anaya said.

Prices for the citrus fruit are down 11% from February, but are still almost 150% higher than last year, he added.

With reports from Milenio

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