Bolillo, in pursuit of the American Dream. Bolillo arrived in Mexico in October as part of the first migrants' caravan.

Bolillo the migrant dog from Honduras also seeks the American Dream

The dog has been living on bolillos since arriving in Mexico, hence the name

Even dogs, it seems, yearn for the American Dream.

Bolillo the migrant dog has been walking northward with its owner since October 12 when both left San Pedro Sula, Honduras, bound for the United States.

The pitbull has been Adalberto López’s dog for only seven months but he couldn’t leave his pet behind.

As for the name, it is his second. In Honduras he was called La Bestia after the freight train that has carried a lot of migrants north through Mexico. But when López and his dog crossed the border the dog was renamed for the traditional Mexican bread because it has been the staple of its diet while traveling as part of the migrants’ caravan.

“We had to give him a name that was famous in Mexico,” López said.

The pair have traveled more than 800 kilometers since they left Honduras, walking and hitching rides.

There was a brief layover in Huitxtla, Chiapas, and a diversion for Bolillo who had a chance to cavort with a female pitbull named Luna, whose owners promised López a couple of roast chickens if the two bred.

At night the dog sleeps in a box that López carries on his back during the day.

The well trained dog does his business well away from the migrants’ campsites, never barks at night, is affectionate and obedient.

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