A spiked iron fence The intruder fell in exactly the wrong place.

Caught in the act, burglar falls and impales himself on fence

In his haste to escape, he fell from the roof onto the gate below

A disturbing video of a presumed burglar impaled on a spiked metal gate has appeared on social media.

A young man was apparently on the roof of a Campeche city home he planned to rob Sunday night when neighbors caught him in the act. According to an El Universal newspaper report, residents of the San José neighborhood shouted at the man and told him they had called police.

In his haste to escape, the alleged criminal lost his balance and fell onto a spiked gate separating the street from a carport. A video filmed by neighbors shows the man sprawled over the gate with his chest and/or abdomen apparently impaled on the spikes. The man can be heard screaming in pain, and what appears to be blood is visible in front of the gate.

A man who apparently filmed the grisly video suggested that firefighters would have to cut the burglar free from his painful predicament. Paramedics and firefighters arrived at the scene but couldn’t save the man’s life. El Universal cited an unconfirmed report that the man’s intestines were perforated.

In a video filmed by neighbors as they waited for paramedics, the alleged thief can be seen impaled on the garage gate. Some viewers may find this video disturbing.

Campeche authorities haven’t commented on the case and the victim hasn’t been publicly identified.

With reports from ADN 40 and El Universal 

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