Animal abuse is a crime in Mexico, but enforcement can be uneven. Animal abuse is a crime in Mexico, but enforcement can be uneven.

Butcher accused of selling dog meat to Sonora markets

A butcher is seen in a video calmly skinning a dog

An animal rights group has accused the owner of a carnicería in Sonora of selling dog meat at markets.

Animalistas Unidos Guaymas Empalme (United Animal Activists Guaymas Empalme) posted a video on Wednesday of a butcher caught skinning a dog. In the video, a dead black dog can be seen hanging by its hind legs from hooks – such as those found in markets to hang beef – while a butcher can be seen in his apron methodically removing the canine’s skin with a knife.

The newspaper El Universal reported that the man was a butcher preparing to sell the meat in markets in the municipalities of Guaymas or Empalme.

Animalistas Unidos Guaymas Empalme called on authorities to identify and punish the man in the video. “This should be met with justice. Animal abuse is paid with imprisonment of up to six years,” it said in the post.

Animal welfare laws can be forgiving in Mexico. El Universal reported in April that two butchers in México state accused of housing 60 dogs destined to be used for taco meat were not in prison, as animal cruelty isn’t treated as a serious crime.

Neighbors of Jorge and Julio César complained to police that the pair had up to 60 dogs, dog bones and furs in a Tultitlán property. Activists from the animal protection association Mundo Patitas said they followed one of the men to a taquería outside the Tacuba Metro station in Mexico City and saw him hand over a package that allegedly contained dog meat.

With reports from El Universal

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