The iPhone 13 Pro costs 25,999 pesos (US $1,300) in Mexico. The iPhone 13 Pro costs 25,999 pesos (US $1,300) in Mexico.

Buying an iPhone 13 represents 49 days of work for Mexican professional

The iPhone Index 2021 assumes that the buyer spends money on nothing else during that period

An average Mexican professional has to work almost 50 days to afford the latest edition of Apple’s iPhone, an analysis by an international e-commerce platform found.

Picodi looked at iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) prices and average wages in numerous countries to develop its iPhone Index 2021, which determines how many days people need to work to buy Apple’s flagship product.

It found that an average Mexican has to work 49.3 days to afford the new phone, which costs 25,999 pesos (US $1,300) in Mexico.

The index used Mexican government data that shows that professionals earn 12,298 pesos (US $615) per month on average.

Millions of Mexicans earn significantly less than that amount, putting a new iPhone well out of reach.

Mexico ranked 5th to last in Picodi's 2021 iPhone Index.
Mexico ranked fifth to last in Picodi’s 2021 iPhone Index. Picodi

The index assumes that all of a worker’s earnings are put toward purchasing the cell phone.

The period for Mexico is 5.1 days less than it cost Mexicans to buy an iPhone 12 Pro in 2020, according to Picodi’s previous index.

Workers in just four countries included in the 2021 index – Turkey, Philippines, Brazil and India – have to work for a longer period to afford an iPhone 13.

Swiss workers have to work just 4.4 days to buy it, a shorter period than that needed by workers in all of the other 46 countries included in the index.

Ranking second is the United States, where workers can buy the phone after just 5.9 days of labor, followed by Australia (6.4 days), Luxembourg (6.4 days) and Denmark (6.9 days).

With reports from El Economista 

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