The carpet of poinsettias in Teotihuacán. The carpet of poinsettias in Teotihuacán.

At 17,800 square meters, carpet of poinsettias is world’s largest

A hot air ballon festival on Saturday gave balloon passengers a view of the spectacle

The Magical Town of Teotihuacán broke a Guinness World Record on Saturday with the largest floral carpet in the world.

Thousands of poinsettias of nine different varieties were provided by the Jardines de México garden center and arranged by the designers of the carpet as a representation of the nearby Pyramid of the Sun in this México state pre-Hispanic city.

The carpet measured 17,805 square meters, beating a record set last year by Saudi Arabia with a 16,134-square-meter carpet, a state tourism official said.

Admiring the carpet’s design from the ground was difficult given its enormous size, but the organizers had all the bases covered: the event was held on the same day as the second annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.

More than 50 balloons provided a vantage point to view and enjoy the floral spectacle as well as the site’s pyramids.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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