Homicide suspect El 76. Homicide suspect El 76.

Cartel boss was off to the fair when police nabbed him

Suspected Santa Rosa gang leader was wanted for homicide

A fun day at the fair turned into a not-so-fun day in jail for a suspected leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima petroleum theft gang.

Identified only as “El 76,” he was arrested Sunday afternoon in Aguascalientes while en route to the San Marcos Fair in the same city.

He was arrested in the case of a Querétaro homicide, for which an arrest warrant had been issued last year.

Police observed that El 76 has a tattoo reading, “Santa Rosa de Lima.”

He was taken into custody under the watchful eye of dozens of military personnel, federal and state police and investigators, likely made wary by the jailbreak two weeks ago of another cartel leader in Guanajuato.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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