After seeing Chalpultepec, Central Park is nothing special, one Tiktoker reported. After seeing Chalpultepec, Central Park is nothing special, a TikToker reported.

New York’s Central Park is cheap compared to Mexico’s Chapultepec, says TikToker

The Australian offered Central Park a meager one star rating

New York’s world famous Central Park pales in comparison Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park, an Australian TikToker said, to the acclaim of Mexican viewers.

“For those that don’t believe me that Central Park is the lame version of Chapultepec, I’m going to show you my videos so you see,” user @itBends said, in a stylized video.

She then showed clips taken in Central Park and complained that the only food she found there were pretzels, which she said were “the driest thing in the world, more like cardboard than food.”

In a mocking tone, she added that the New York park had lots of grass, a bridge, people drinking and playing music, and skyscrapers which she said “the Reforma [avenue in Mexico City] has a lot of.”

The TikToker concluded that Central Park was worthy of one star, having left her hungry.


Mejor no vayan a Central Park, Chapultepec trae mucho más ambiente #chapultepec #chapultepeccdmx #chapultepeccastillo #turismocdmx #nuevayorktiktok

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@itBends’s select public seemed to agree with her. “Most people don’t value it [Chapultepec], and TV and Hollywood hypnotizes them to think that all of the best things are in the USA, when the coolest things are here [in Mexico],” replied Gustavo Chavez.

Yaxum Cervantes Gali also attested to the Mexico City park’s superior offering: “Chapultepec: museums, fountains, lakes, giant heads, food, monuments, a castle, a zoo. Central Park: a bridge and some pretzels.”

Central Park opened its gates in 1858. Meanwhile, news website Animal Político reported that trees in Chapultepec date back to the 15th century.

Chapultepec is the biggest park in Latin America and at 686 hectares is more than double the size of Central Park.

With reports from Animal Político

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