The new charcoal plant in Oaxaca. The new charcoal plant in Oaxaca.

Charcoal plant is first in Mexico to make vegetable-based product

It will produce 70 tonnes of charcoal a month

A new charcoal plant has begun operating in Oaxaca, the first in Mexico to produce vegetable-base charcoal.

The Oaxaca-based company Carbosur built the plant in San Juan Atepec, a community located in the heart of the northern sierra, with financial aid from the state government and the National Forestry Commission, Conafor.

The aid came in the form of a 1-million-peso credit line to help build and equip the facility.

High-technology ovens will reduce emissions by 100%, according to a report by the newspaper El Financiero: nothing but water vapor is emitted.

The ovens can generate temperatures up to 1200 C and will produce 70 tonnes of charcoal a month, worth 7 million pesos in sales.

The nearby logging communities of San Andrés Yatuni and San Pablo Macuiltianguis will supply the plant’s oak wood, which has received international certification from the Forestry Stewardship Council.

The plant employs more than 10 people and supports an additional 40 indirect jobs.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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