Masked cartel sicarios in the latest CJNG video. Masked cartel sicarios in the latest CJNG video.

Cartel releases video urging citizens to run criminal suspect out of town

'El Abuelo' accused of charging extortion in Tepalcatepec and buying luxury vehicles with the proceeds

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) has turned up the heat again in Michoacán with the release of a new video on social media appealing to the citizens of Tepalcatepec to send a crime gang suspect packing.

The video shows a man sitting at a table addressing the camera and flanked by at least 20 masked men, most of them armed with Barrett .50-caliber rifles and wearing military-style uniforms bearing the letters CJNG.

The speaker urges citizens of Tepalcatepec to run Juan José “El Abuelo” Farías out of town. The cartel alleges that he leads a local crime gang.

“We want to make clear . . . that our conflict isn’t against the citizens of Tepalcatepec, but against ‘El Abuelo’ and his cartel. Open your eyes, he is using you to carry out his criminal activities for his own benefit and behind your back.”

The speaker said Farías is believed to be part of the Caballeros Templarios cartel or the Viagras gang.

“He’s started to levy protection fees against businesses in the town, while he and his children spend all the money buying new luxury cars,” he said. “If you get rid of ‘El Abuelo’ and his cartel your town will become calm again. The town belongs to the good citizens, which we know are all of you.”

Fighting in the municipality started on August 30 when CJNG gunmen crossed the border from Jalisco to try to take control. Nine people were killed in ensuing clashes and all of the dead were later identified as members of the CJNG.

On Monday, classes resumed at Tepalcatepec schools after the deployment of 200 army troops Friday.

Source: Radio Fórmula (sp), Animal Político (sp)

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