A car is almost totally submerged during flooding in Xalapa.

Cold front No. 49 delivers heavy rain, flooding in Veracruz capital

Two hours of rain creates flash floods in Xalapa

Strong winds, heavy rain and some hail yesterday during an electrical storm in the state of Veracruz caused flash flooding in the state capital, Xalapa.

The state Civil Protection office warned early yesterday morning that heavy rains were expected for the state’s mountainous regions, with an accumulated rainfall of between 70 and 100 milliliters, courtesy cold front No. 49.

Flooding took place during two hours of heavy rain, affecting several major thoroughfares and leaving at least three cars stranded in the deep water.

Floodwaters in Xalapa Sunday.
Floodwaters in Xalapa Sunday.

At least four trees were toppled by strong gusts of wind, along with a billboard that fell near a shopping mall.

Civil Protection chief Guadalupe Osorno Maldonado said electrical service was also affected for some residents.

The National Water Commission forecast intense rainstorms to continue today in Veracruz and in the southeastern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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