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AMLO says he will start using a face mask when there’s no corruption

Opposition politicians have demanded that he set an example for Mexicans

It might be a long, long time before President López Obrador wears a face mask to protect himself and others from Covid-19 — it all depends on his war against corruption.

After opposition politicians said they would seek a legal order to have the president wear a mask, he declared Friday that he won’t wear one until the country is free of corruption.

“I am going to put on a mask, you know when? When there is no corruption anymore, then I will put on my mask. So, we have an agreement, let’s hurry to put an end to corruption so I can put on my mask …” he said.

National Action Party legislators in the Chamber of Deputies announced Thursday that they will seek to legally compel the president to wear face masks at public events in order that he set an example to help prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“Science proves it, even if some say it doesn’t. If he used a mask during his visit to Washington, why does he refuse to use it here?” party spokesman Carlos Castaños said. 

Citizens Movement party Deputy Mara Robles of Jalisco has also launched a “plea” that the president wear a mask in public through a petition on

“Millions of Mexicans trust you. Few politicians have achieved leadership in recent history. For this reason, it is vital to us that you promote the use of the mask for the public and also encourage the undecided, setting an example by using it at your public events,” Robles wrote. As of midday Friday, the petition had 17,279 signatures. 

Although actual numbers are thought to be significantly higher, Mexico has reported 416,179 cases of the coronavirus, making it the sixth most infected country in the world.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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