DHL has hired 1,000 new employees so far this year. DHL México has hired 1,000 new employees so far this year.

Coronavirus has meant rapid growth for courier service

DHL's volumes have already reached the total projected for all of 2022

DHL Express México announced that it has created more than 1,000 new jobs in the last four months as the demand for its services has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

New jobs have been added in various sectors of the company and existing employees are in line for a significant bonus this fall, the company said.

During the first seven weeks of the pandemic, existing staff were paid double and triple-time wages as they worked to meet round-the-clock demand, attaining volume levels in 2020 that the parcel service had projected for 2022.

DHL said it normally sees spikes in business during the country’s Hot Sale in May when retailers offer special discounts for online purchases during a four-day period, and during a similar program in November called Buen Fin, or “Good Weekend.”

However, this year’s Hot Sale numbers continued even after the event was over. In 2019, 40% of shipments made by DHL Express in the Americas were business to consumer. In the first six months of this year, business-to-consumer sales amounted to 50% of the company’s total volume. 

The company, said the increased demand represents an operational challenge, having to maintain coronavirus health protocols including lockdowns and other restrictions imposed in certain states that delayed delivery times.

“We are very proud of the great commitment and efforts of our front-line collaborators. Every day, they work with the best attitude and are very aware of the responsibility they have as an essential activity in Mexico,” said CEO Antonio Arranz while announcing a bonus equivalent to about US $350.

“Currently, we are still in a state of alert due to the health situation, however, we have restored 100% of our delivery times thanks to the timely investment in technology and infrastructure and without a doubt in the most important thing: our human capital,” Arranz said. 

Source: T21 (sp)

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