The dinosaur's mom looks decidedly cheerful despite having to wait in line. The dinosaur's mom looks decidedly cheerful despite having to wait in line.

Man dons dinosaur costume to relieve mom’s stress in vaccination lineup

He wanted to lighten the mood for his mother and other seniors

With seniors age 60 and above being eligible for coronavirus vaccination, the elderly are lining up to get their shots. But the process takes some time: they must wait in line then stay after the shot for observation.

So to alleviate the stress of the long wait, one man decided to accompany his mother as she waited for her vaccination — dressed as a dinosaur.

Mardonio Rivera showed up with his mother at their Tamaulipas vaccination center in full T. Rex regalia. He said that after he realized some seniors were waiting up to 24 hours to get their shots, he decided that the costume would be a way to lighten the mood and hopefully get a few smiles.

In other parts of the country, vaccine volunteers have come up with creative ways to entertain the seniors as they wait. In Mexico City, some challenged the waiting crowd to show their best dance steps. At another vaccination site, government health workers led exercise programs for the crowd. Though the city government has asked the vaccine candidates not to arrive before their appointment time, many do so, hoping to receive the vaccine sooner.

According to the Ministry of Health, 505,000 people received vaccines on Thursday, making for a total of nearly 13 million shots administered to date. In addition to seniors, health workers and teachers continue to receive vaccinations.

Source: Infobae (sp)

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