Mariachis perform Friday in Guerrero. Mariachis perform Friday in Guerrero.

Unemployed mariachis serenade hospital workers in Acapulco

Bands play at three hospitals in appreciation of workers' efforts

“Sing, don’t cry!” was the message for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff in Acapulco, Guerrero, on Friday when they were serenaded by the city’s out-of-work mariachi bands.

The El Son de la Negra and other local groups struck up Cielito Lindo and classic Mexican songs outside three hospitals in the city to show their appreciation for the work they have been doing and to give them the encouragement to keep going.

“We want to thank all the doctors and nurses. We ask them to not lose heart, to keep fighting for the lives of those sick with the coronavirus,” said musician Carlos Orgin Tlatempa, who added that the serenata was also meant to bring the government’s attention to their own plight as struggling professional musicians.

Covid-19 is a formidable aguafiestas, or party-pooper, and no fun means no work for Orgin and the other mariachis.

Having gone without gigs for almost a month, they hoped the serenade would “tell the government that we need its support, that we also need help in order to be able to survive.”

Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff leaned out of windows to enjoy the show when they got the chance, and after about an hour and a half of music the band left the stage and the crisis returned to normal.

Smiles abound in the video posted to social media, but those involved were not following social distancing measures, which health officials have strongly recommended in order to avoid transmission of the virus.

Source: El Sol de Acapulco (sp)

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